Sheltered Housing offers comfortable and affordable housing, which provides support and saftey, while still allowing you to maintain your privacy and independence


Sheltered Housing offers residents:

  • Personalised Independent Plans (I-Plans) which will enable Independent Living Co-ordinators to support you in maintaining your independence
  • Communal facilities, such as a lounge, laundry room and hairdressing room, in most schemes
  • Regular activities brought to you by two specialist Activities Co-ordinators
  • A Lifeline calling system linked to a 24 hour response centre, managed by a Lifeline Co-ordinator and staffed by trained operators who are available seven days a week
  • Convenient locations throughout the borough, which are close to social, transport and shopping facilities.  Further details of schemes and their locations can be found on the  Schemes in the Borough page

Sheltered Housing is all about helping residents to maintain their independence, we are not able to help with;

  • Providing personal care, for example washing and dressing
  • Regularly preparing meals
  • Collecting shopping or prescriptions
  • Handling your personal finances
  • providing health care and giving you medicines
Applying for Sheltered Housing

To apply for Independent accommodation you will need to register and make an application online

In many cases Social Housing landlords have more Retirement Living accommodation than they have demand for it, simply because we are all getting older a little later now!  However, what this means is that there may be accommodation available that will suit your needs.  You should therefore contact your Local Authority to discuss the options available for you.